5 Tips That Helped Me Create a Fulfilling & Unusual Lifestyle​

...AND travel full-time WITHOUT hurting my career ... even though others told me it was impossible to do both.


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  • ​​The 5 Shifts I used to design and build a life of personal freedom that lets me travel the country full time... while still serving people in meaningful ways

  • The secret to stepping out of your dangerous comfort zone and experiencing an untamed lifestyle of no regrets ... even if you've felt stuck in your situation for years.

  • Why the old version of success is not the best strategy for creating a satisfying life … and how to ignite your personal freedom while empowering others too.

  • How our clients transform themselves and naturally attract satisfaction even when the current circumstances are less than ideal.

  • Setting and accomplishing your lifestyle goals while incorporating more adventure into your life is easier than you think ... and can make you even better at what you do. ​

  • And how we accomplish all of this while savoring the simple magic of the present moment. Yes, you can enjoy the journey!

Andrea Shipley

Andrea designed a unique lifestyle for herself so she knows the pain of staying stuck in a stagnant life and what it takes to step out on your own path. She's a nomadic entrepreneur who built her own psychotherapy practice while living on the road full-time. As a life coach and artist, she's helping people grow into their most fulfilling lives.

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